Vik Vilkhu for Brighton Town Justice

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  • I am the only candidate that has both prosecuted criminal cases and defended those accused of crimes. No other candidate brings the Court this level of balanced perspective.
  • I am also the only candidate with the high-volume experience in both civil and criminal matters. The Brighton Town Court requires a high-volume practitioner experienced in both areas of law. If we value a court that functions to serve the public, falling behind is not an option we can afford.
  • I am the only candidate that brings new, bold, ideas to prepare the Court, and our community, for the coming challenges on the horizon including an eviction crisis and much needed improvements to the Court’s transparency.
  • I am the only candidate that has prosecuted, and indeed been a victim, of hate crimes. That personal and professional perspective offers Brighton a unique set of skills ideally suited to our welcoming and diverse community.
  • I am the only candidate that will inspire the next generation of diverse and gifted leaders towards leadership in our town. If we are to succeed, our town leadership must reflect the diversity of our community.  Together we can show the world Brighton doesn’t just talk about valuing diversity - we vote for our Brighton values and make history.

I humbly ask you to cast your vote for the candidate who has the experience, new ideas, and demonstrated compassion to make sure the law is honored in spirit and practice.

On November 7, Brighton Leads the Way! Elect Vik Vilkhu for Town Justice! 


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